Mariners House

Mariners House Rules

• Alcoholic beverages and/or illegal drugs are not permitted at Mariners House. Persons under the influence of these substances will not be allowed at Mariners House.

• Mariners House is a "smoke-free" environment. Smoking is only permitted outside in designated areas. Inquire at the front desk for the appropriate areas.

• Appliances such as irons, stereos, toaster ovens, microwaves, etc. are not permitted in the rooms. And iron and ironing board are in the basement laundry room, and a microwave is available in the cafeteria for your convenience.

• Registered guests are not permitted to bring any unregistered guests into their private quarters at any time. Common areas such as the television and library rooms are always open to guests and their visitors.

• Registered guests assume the responsibility for any damage to Mariners House caused by them or by those accompanying them.

Mariners House Terms & Conditions

• Rooms are rented on a daily basis and the maximum length of stay is 13 days.

• Mariners House reserves the exclusive right to limit any length of stay.

• Check-out time is 11:30am.

• Cash payments must be paid prior to the night's stay. Immediate cash payment is required upon check-in for at least one night's stay. Each consecutive night's payment is due by 11:30am. Failure to pay on a daily basis consititues a voluntary departure by the guest.

• Registered guests agree to comply with the Mariners House rules. Failure to comply to these rules will result in immediate expulsion from Mariners House.

• If you cancel your reservation, you must do it within 48 hours before your stated reservation date and time to avoid a charge on your credit card.

Guests must produce proof of active maritime service or maritime retiree status in order to book a room.


Mariners House Boston, MA